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A unique community of stock market trading and investing enthusiasts learning about the global markets and 10X trends and companies.

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ZOOM Live classes & recording of individual stocks and general market analysis founded on secular 10X trends.

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Previous classes are easily accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers…so no matter where you are, is there with you at your fingertips.

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Join and learn from our growing community of investors and traders in our 24/7 chatroom (Slack and Viber). All alerts and commentary are posted here as well.

"“I learned a lot kasi I have close to zero experience with stocks and financial markets. I like Nikki's insights and thinking processes, kaya ako nag continue ng subscription. Nag change ung outlook nya, from bullish to bearish because of the situation, which tells me na she recognizes and adapts to the changing times. It also tells me that she thinks rationally and doesn't let pride get in the way.“"

Sherie Y.
Awesome 10X (Feb. 29, 2020 Class)

"“To be included in this circle facilitated by your husband and ma’am nikki makes me feel fortunate not only because of the substantial information i receive but also in the manner in which it’s analysed and explained; very precise and practical. been looking forward to tune in every afternoon for the past two weeks 😀 Feels good to be guided by an expert.”"

Raymond T
Awesome 10X (Feb. 29, 2020 Class)

"“The Awesome 10x class was very informative & i learned the names of many global companies that I didn’t even know we could invest in. If i had one takeaway, it was to focus on companies that i think can change the world & will still be relevant years & years from now.”"

Bea L.
Awesome 10X (Feb. 29, 2020 Class)

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